Hailing from just outside of Providence, Rhode Island, Morgan Johnston is an indie folk singer-songwriter stomping, strumming, speaking, and singing her way to empowering both herself and her listeners. Her guitar and vocal arrangements are inspired by the natural landscape of places, such as Ireland, as much as by the emotional landscape of human experience. Currently studying to become a music therapist, she is constantly reminded of the healing power of the music that she aims to share.



WILDFLOWER: the album

Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, etc etc etc on September 8th, 2019 with physical copies on Bandcamp to follow…


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Well I haven’t got a plan and I haven’t got a prayer, it’s enough to add up to a bad romance. You stir the pot and I’ll let it boil, and I’ll meet you when my roots have grown.

Well I haven’t got a plan and I haven’t got a prayer, it’s enough to add up to a bad romance. You stir the pot and I’ll let it boil, and I’ll meet you when my roots have grown.

            Kick it! Ahhh ahhh... Dig it! ahh ahhh...

            Well you can take me to the backfields, just know, I’ll be my own damn wildflower.

Well you can try to plant me there and uproot me where I stand, but that’ll add up to a bad romance. You stir the pot and I’ll let it boil, but I only grow where I wanna.

            Kick it! Ahhh ahhh... Dig it! Ahh ahhh

            Well if you took me to the backfields you’d know, I’ll be my own damn wildflower.

Lady luck and Miss Fortune

Lady Luck and Miss Fortune went on into town, not to buy a thing but to get some fresh air. Lady Luck stalled when she thought of her chores til Miss Fortune saw her shaking hand.

            She said, "are you afraid of who you are?"

Lady Luck and Miss Fortune went down every aisle, not so much walking but dancing all the while. Lady Luck stalled when she thought of her kids til Miss Fortune placed a daisy in her hand.

            She said, "are you afraid of who you are?"

Lady Luck and Miss Fortune found themselves at dawn, not within the town but laid out on the lawn. Lady Luck stalled when she thought of her man til Miss Fortune offered to hold her hand

            She said, "are you afraid of who are?"

This was too real for a sign, too important for the right time, too sincere for them to be blind, but this was too fateful to turn out just fine...

Under the stars and upon sharing their scars, Lady Luck could ignore the question no longer. Miss Fortune unable to look her in the eyes, merely peered at her brows as she asked, "are you afraid of who you are?" And you know what Lady Luck said, don’t you?

                        I am, oh I am, you know I am, I am.

So Lady Luck had Miss Fortune walk her to the door, already back with her kids, her man, and her chores. Lady Luck stalled letting go of her hand, but Lady Luck had the misfortune of belonging to a man.


I told the florist that you picked me. I told the waiter that you'd wait for me.

                    Get out of my head and hold me. Get out of my head and hold down... NOW.

I told the baker that you needed me. I told the doctor that I'd die without you.

                    Get out of my head and hold me. Get out of my head and hold down... NOW.

It is good enough to rationalize? Is it bad enough to criminalize? Just because I told myself that I'd be feeling fine by... NOW.


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June 2019

Dear friends, family, and fans (by which I of course only mean fans like the one I got out today for this summer weather),

These past couple months I've felt like I've been collecting inspiration like sea glass at the beach and finally my hand is getting filled and I can’t find a bucket so I’m passing the pieces off to my sister because this dress doesn't have any pockets (of course!) but her hands also getting full, not to mention she’s getting annoyed (hehe, hi Chelsea!) and the sharp edges of the sea glass have rounded off with time, but they’re still broken hearts and memories that haven’t been repurposed yet into something beautiful like a sea glass lamp… or, you guessed it, a song. Can you relate? Now, it's time to get this inspiration down on the page so I can share it with you at some shows!

Hope to see (and hear) you soon!


March 2019


I’ve been thinking a lot about cognitive dissonance lately. Have you heard the term before? The way I understand it is as the discomfort (or dissonance!) that occurs when our actions don’t match our values. BUT here’s the thing: I love using dissonances in music because they make the resolution that much sweeter. I guess what I’m saying is that I'm lucky to have found that resolution in sharing myself as a music therapist and singer-songwriter with you now. This may or may not be why my computer background currently reads "Remember that you once dreamed of being where you are now." I hope you're all finding that feeling at your own pace. Finally, I wanted to share some news!! It’s one thing to be loud, it’s another thing to be heard. I've had the honor of experiencing both as I was nominated for this year's Americana Breakthrough Act in Motif Magazine. Thanks to all of you! <3

Thank you for listening to myself, yourself, and each other!


January 2019

Dear friends, family, and people who have become my friends and family through music,

It's been a year of two steps back and three forwards, hasn't it? Summing up 2018 is a mighty task, but then again isn't that what music is for- to express those emotions in between words? As much as an iPhone user says "there's an app for that," I must not be the only songwriter to think, "there's a song for that" on a daily basis... and if there isn't yet, then isn't it our responsibility write it?

I'm sure it's no accident that I'm starting the new year, and this email for that matter, with questions. In light of these unknowns, my beloved friend Erin described an experience of hers as "new and big and scary" to me over the phone recently. The beautiful simplicity of this has become the theme song of my new year... and maybe it will become the same for you! I wish you the courage to allow yourself to be scared, but do the thing that scares you anyway this year…

Thank you all!

<3 Morgan

October 2018

Hi you!

I've been taking the last month or so to immerse myself in the amazing world of being a beginning music therapist so I didn't get a letter out to you... and can I just say I'VE MISSED YOU?! Thank you for, I can only assume, saying it back to me now. :) You should know, though, that anytime I do less writing or performing, I see it as a time to collect inspiration (as Dad Johnston says "there's a time to create and a time to clean your workspace") and come back to myself (as Mom Johnston says "everything looks better in the morning"). I've been thinking a lot about the words of wisdom the people in my life pass on to me in terms of how we get to pick and choose the parts of other people that will make up our own individual identities. I'm starting to see being part of a long line of songwriters and healers, each unique, but part of something bigger than ourselves, as a privilege...

Thank you for listening to me, yourself, and each other,


August 2018

Dearest friends, family, and folks,

How are you? And I don't just mean that in a say-you're-good-and-walk-away kind of way. It's been a warm July with few clouds to find the silver linings around, so you're allowed to feel exactly as you do... just don't forget music is always there as a resource! I'm anticipating this upcoming month to have as much of a range of emotions as the new songs I've been playing out, "A Human and a House Plant," "I Don't Miss You, I Just Miss Your Dog," "Ain't Just You Babe," "F33," "Five Year Plan," "Sunset River Dream," and "My Oh My" to name just a few titles. I mean, you try to find a common thread there! Isn't that the great thing about music though? You get to be all the parts of you unapologetically... in sound.

Thank you for listening to myself, yourself, and each other!



Live at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse

Live at the Dedham Square Coffeehouse

737236_438522942881878_1226235305_o (3).jpg
Live at AS220, courtesy of Asim Barakzai

Live at AS220, courtesy of Asim Barakzai

Live at Nick-A-Nees

Live at Nick-A-Nees

Live at the Fiddle n' Folk Festival

Live at the Fiddle n' Folk Festival

Courtesy of Corrine Waters

Courtesy of Corrine Waters

Live at Wheaton College

Live at Wheaton College

Live at the News Cafe

Live at the News Cafe



Saturday November 16th, 2019: RAICES benefit with Cardboard Ox & Michelle Cruz @ 7PM

Check out Cardboard Ox here and Michelle Cruz here.

Message me for the address to this house show in Providence!

Saturday December 7th, 2019: Tom Waits turns 70 @ 7PM- midnight

Goodwill Engine Co at 41 Central Street Providence, RI 02907

For a nigh filled with incredible local acts, I’ll be performing as part of a trio (!!!) with my pals Emily Goldstein of Mountainess (click here) and Tracie Potochnik of Cardboard Ox (click here)

Facebook event here

Saturday January 11th, 2020: The Find on 6 with Allysen Callery & Molly Pinto Madigan @ TBD

2953 Hartford Ave Johnston, RI 02919

Learn about Allysen Callery here and Molly Pinto Madigan here, assuming you don’t already know their incredible music already!



Bay Spring Community Center (including Local Brew series) in Barrington, RI

The Galactic Theatre, Church Street Coffeehouse (including Rhode Island Songwriter's Association's Annual Women's Show), IMAGO Gallery in Warren, RI

Fete Music Hall, Nick-a-Nees, AS220 (including The Empire Revue, Rhode Island Songwriters Association's Songwriters in the Round), Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House (including Rising showcase) Dusk (including feature at MadCap), The Mediator Stage (including Best of MadCap show), 46 Underground PVD, 186 Carpenter St, Flatbread Company, Askew, Sofar Sounds, Elmwood Songwriter’s Club, the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI

News Cafe, The Guild (put on by Level Exchange) in Pawtucket, RI

Pub on Park (Feature at Joanne Lurgio's Open Mic), Theatre 82 at the Character's Cafe in Cranston, RI

The Find on 6 (put on by Bill McGrath) in Johnston, RI

Studio Session Live in Plymouth, RI

Pump House Music Works in Wakefield, RI

Mooseup Valley Church in Foster, RI

Cafe Arpeggio (Feature at Art Tebett's Open Mic), S & Project Gallery of Hatch Street Studios in New Bedford, MA

Senior Recital at Wheaton College in Norton, MA

Serendipity Cafe in Maynard, MA

Dedham Square Coffeehouse in Dedham, MA

The Burren in Somerville, MA

The Plough and Stars, The Swedenborg Chapel, Zuzu's, Darwin’s Ltd., The Middle East in Cambridge, MA

Victoria Station Cafe in Putnam, CT

Shared stages...

The solo acts Joanne Lurgio, Kate Mick, Sasquatch, Jake Wasson, Jamie Craighead, Chris Capaldi, Charlie Marie, Mary Day, Diane Battistello, Gracelyn Rennick, Jan Luby, Allison Giuliano, John Fuzek, Lainey Dionne, Chris Monti, Jillian Kay, Katherine Quinn, Morgan Ross, Littleboybigheadonbike, Mountainess, Ant Savino, Bill Bartholomew, Gabriela Rassi, Stev DelMonico, Jodie Treloar Sampson, Tracie Potochnik, John Wemple, Larson Gunness, Patti DeRosa, Jeffrey Scornavacca, Mike Laureanno, Ed McGuirl, Zan Berry from RI

The bands The Vox Hunters, Bay Spring Folk, Silverteeth, Neapolitan, Chris Monti Trio, The Font Club, The Horse Eyed Men, Rat Ruckus, Viking Jesus, Empire Revue Band, Breachway from RI

The solo acts Ric Allendorf, Beth DeSombre, Rachel Marie, Cosy Sheridan, Graham Peck, Dan Barracuda, Brittany Leonard of Seraphina James, Casey Marsh, Max Kennedy, Liam Dailey, Nora Woofenden from MA

The bands FBGM, Mystery Gems from MA

The solo acts Kerri Powers, Kala Farnham, Sarah Golley from CT

The bands Tacoma Narrows, Ransom Pier, Slimegrimer from NY

The solo acts Alidade, Siv Disa from NY

The solo act Seamstress from NJ

The band Hoo:Lumes from NC

Festivals & Farmer's Markets

6th and 7th Annual Fiddle n' Folk Festival in Barrington, RI

Warren Folks Fest, Hope & Main's Schoolyard Market in Warren, RI

Providence Folk Festival, 1st Annual Fox Point Folk Festival, PVD Fest, Villa Villekula Front Porch Concert in Providence, RI

The Big E in West Springfield, MA


First recipient of annual Sarah Good Foundation award for female artistic entrepreneurship here

Nominee for Americana Breakthrough Act award in Motif Magazine for 2019 here

Featured on “Through the Night: A Collection of Lullabies from Rhode Island Artists” album benefitting RAICES here


Songs about Mental Health: A collaborative show with fellow music therapist graduate student, Nora Woofenden, consisting of original songs moving from those about diagnoses to those about treatment theories. Harmonies included! First performed in Cambridge, MA… and coming to Providence soon!

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